Many people wonder where they can purchase CBD for their cat. It wasn’t until relatively recently that it became apparent that this medicine could be useful for animals, and in the past it was relatively hard to find products that were specifically made for them. Fortunately, all that has changed and there are a number of places in which you can purchase it with ease.

One of the easiest places that you can find this product specifically tailored for cats is online. There are a number of companies that even make treats so that it is easy to provide your kitty with the right dose without the fight that can come with trying to give them a capsule or oil. Just be sure that when you are doing your search online that you verify that the company has a good reputation. Not all CBD is the same and some companies do not have strict standards by which they operate. You want only the highest grade product for your beloved family member.

If you prefer to make the purchase in person you will likely find a natural foods or holistic store in your area that carries various CBD products. They may not have cat treats, but will likely have it in the form of oil. Just remember that a cat is significantly smaller than a person, which means that they need a very small dose to achieve the desired results. Purchasing a micro dropper will make it easier to give them the right dose each and every time.

If you do not have a natural foods or holistic store in your area, you can check with your local pharmacy. Pharmacies have seen the increased demand for this product and have begun to stock their pharmacy shelves with it. In most cases it is kept behind the counter so you will likely have to ask a pharmacist for it. Calling ahead is a great way to be sure they have it before you spend time making a trip to the store.

It is important to note that all high quality CBD is the same. The difference between dosing a human and a cat is simply the amount that is given. Use the tips above to find the product that best fits your needs so that your cat can have the increased quality of life that they deserve. You will be happy you did once you see the difference.